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Body Care

パンピューリMassage with “PANPURI” body butter.
It is especially recommended for women to worry about your skin care!Please choose from “Black jasmine” or “Sunrise lemon”.
90min ¥15,900


Traditional Thai massage

The feeling of a good massage the best in the world with the thai tradition that incorporates the stretch.

60min ¥5,900
90min ¥8,900
120min ¥11,900

Hot herbal massage ¥3,000 (20min)
Head massage ¥1,500 (15min)
Foot massage ¥4,000 (30min)

Panpuri Oil massage

Massage with “PANPURI” essential oil.

Massage with Panpuri massage oil

Please specify either the “Siamese water” or “Indochine”.

60min ¥11,900
90min ¥14,900 (op. Hot herbal sen therapy ¥17,900)
120min ¥17,900 (op. Hot herbal sen therapy ¥19,900)

Massage with Panpuri essential oil

Please choose one from among the “Indochine”,”Distant Shores”,”Grandomanchou”.

60min ¥9,900
90min ¥12,900 (op. Hot herbal sen therapy ¥15,000)
120分 ¥15,900 (op. Hot herbal sen therapy ¥17,000)

Massage with Jojoba oil

60min ¥8,900
90min ¥11,900 (op. Hot herbal sen therapy ¥14,000)
120min ¥14,900 (op. Hot herbal sen therapy ¥16,000)

The above massage oil can also be used to warm in OIL WAMER.
Please ordering before treatment .


Set course

Traditional Thai massage plus

Traditional Thai massage + Head massage 80min ¥7,900
Traditional Thai massage + Hot herbal 90min ¥9,900
Traditional Thai massage + Hoot massage 100min ¥10,900

Aroma oil massage plus

Aroma oil massage + Head massage 80min ¥9,900
Aroma oil massage + Hot herbal 90min ¥11,900
Aroma oil massage + Hoot massage 100min ¥12,900

※The therapist’s nomination can be made with +¥1,000. (Please pay attention to the work day of the therapist.)

Naomi manager


Naomi is the manager and everyone of the facilitator of the shop .
Naomi’s called God Hand fans will have many.
Heals you with a nice smile and delicate concern not only massage.
In particular aroma oil massage will be one after another customer to fall asleep too comfortably.



Address Seiko Ginza building the third floor, 8-12-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Access A 5-minute walk from JR Shimbashi Station the entrance gate of Ginza opening.
A 5-minute walk from the subway Shinbashi Station, exit 1.
A 5-minute walk from Higashi Ginza Station A1 exit.
6-minute walk from Ginza Station A5 exit.
TEL 03-6278-7153
Business hours Open: 12:00 pm
Close: 1:00 am


In our shop we use Panpyuri’s products to oil massage.

Features of Panpyuri is located in the “smell” that are valued at the Hotel Spa 5-star class of the world.
Only essential oil extracted from carefully selected highest quality oriental herbs of you have been blended with your own blend.

Rich aroma due to the traditional blend of oriental herb makes you relax the mind and body.
Rich natural grace would make for healthy and satisfying things I’m sure every day of life.
(Other massage by fragrance-free aroma oils also can choose.)

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